Just Answer the Question!

My Why’s

As much as the 100th question may get on your last nerve…
As much as you’d rather be drinking during yet another round of “Would You Rather”… Think about that one time you asked your mom a question and her reply was, “I’ll tell you when you get older.”

Remember they won’t be quarantined little kids forever! The world, classmates, and friends are just waiting to tell them what you don’t want them to know and take them where you don’t want them to go. So question and answer time is the opportunity for you to lead the way!

1. Be their first teacher. Give them a good example and show them what’s right.

2. Answer their questions by being honest, yet appropriate. Keep in mind, they’ll probably repeat it.

3. Actively listen to their response and follow up questions. There may be something deeper feeding the questions. Explore it, don’t sweep it under the old dirty rug!

4. If you can’t help them, find someone who can.

5. LOVE those babies til you have nothing left!

Hopefully they come back to you as their first choice for information instead of the last. There’s no “right” answer. What works for your family may not work the same for others. That’s okay. Just do your best! You got this! 🦋


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