Don’t Be Sorry

So many times we find ourselves – as moms, sisters, friends – apologizing because of how someone else received something. We’re so quick to hit that “I’m sorry” just so the conversation will end and the problem or person will go away. But what that creates is the expectation that you will always do that. But what if you’re really NOT sorry? Do you ever even give yourself time to consider whether you are before saying it?


I am not suggesting that you not be accountable for your actions or the hurt you transferred to someone else. Please, by all means, own your faults. But everything is not your fault. Don’t carry other people’s burdens. Make them accountable as well. Successful relationships include both parties taking full responsibility for their actions and being considerate of the other’s feelings and future!


We have to stop believing that every relationship, every situation-ship is meant to last forever. It is okay to move on. It’s the being ok with letting go that seems to be the hardest part. But it’s possible!! Focus on things that bring good energy, positivity, and excitement! If you’re not excited to see or talk to someone, take a step back and think about whether the relationship has run its course. If something was done or said that was the last straw for you, STOP replaying it over and over in your head. You may find that removing that one person from your daily list of distractions frees up time for you to focus on you, improving your mind, body, and soul, and making new connections or dreams come true!

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF ✔️ You Deserve It!!

Don’t Be Sorry
Copyright (c) 2020 Emily J. Burton

For putting forth the effort,
For trying to form a bond,
For keeping your mouth closed when you felt it wasn’t your place,
For having an opinion,
For caring and being supportive,
For staying in your lane and moving at your own pace,
For sharing when they took it as a brag,
For your comment if it was made with love,
For your past experiences that taught you hard lessons in life,
For saying what they just don’t want to hear,
For trying to prevent the same mistake again,
For evolving and doing what you thought was right,
For saying something that is true,
Don’t ever let someone make you feel sorry for being you!


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