Laughter Makes the Love Last Longer

In 2009, my then boyfriend and I went on our first weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day. We booked a room at Harlow’s Casino down in Greenville, Mississippi and thought we were big time! Our package even included concert tickets to see (hold on, let me ask him again) – a country singer named…..we can’t remember! 😂

While I had absolutely no clue who she was, he made it seem like he knew her, like he could sing her songs, and we would be fine attending. I’m a team player so of course, I’m down. I soon realized he just wanted to go somewhere!

We get down there, play our little hot $20 on the slots (because of course we were broke) and head towards the auditorium. Neither of us have ever seen this lady, nor heard her music. We’re just sitting there trying our best to groove. We make our way to the bar to get the most ratchet blue drink we could think of. Long story short, we left the concert early, laughing all the way out.

Since then, we’ve been to comedy show after comedy show, seeing people we’re familiar with. What we’ve found is that despite bad situations, al the things life throws at you, laughter is that one thing that makes you feel better. After a long day’s work, our pillow talk consists of chuckle-worthy jokes. If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m goofy!

In life, we have soooo many things that distract us from what is important to us. Sometimes it seems so easy, so natural to focus on those things that don’t bring us any joy. But I’ve found that if we focus that same amount of energy on those things, and especially those people that bring us the most joy, who can tell a joke to make us feel better, who love us unconditionally, we can relieve so much stress! That’s one of the things I love about my hubby wubby – when I least expect it, but often when I really need it, he does an impression that makes me cry laughing! So the next time you get some bad news, ask the messenger to tell you a joke, at least send you a TikTok or something!

Wishing you all the happiest Valentine’s Day Ever. May you continue to show your loved ones that same amount of love throughout the year! 😜❤️


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