Mommin’ Ain’t Easy!

Growing up, I never realized how much my mother actually did on a daily basis. When she would doze off mid-conversation, or say she was tired so frequently, I often wondered why she was so tired. Now that I’m a mother, baaaaaby – I can relate to her on such a different level of exhaustion.

One of the things they don’t tell you about being a mom is how much of yourself you can lose along the way. Now reading that, it may sound like a bad thing. But that’s not necessarily the case. As you mature, childish things you once did, you either don’t care to do or simply don’t have time to do. This in itself, pushes you to a different level and a new way of thinking, knowing those little crumb-snatchers are watching your every move. On the other hand, it’s very easy to lose track of time, lose sense of style, and just let yourself go because your schedule no longer belongs to you.

Another thing they can’t really prepare you for is that second kid! For me, my first son was easy, breezy, lemon-squeezy! For years, I was fine with just having that one. But being an only child, I didn’t want him to have to grow up lonely. So I convinced myself – and my husband – that we needed to add to the collection! But that second one – oh he hit harder than the first! That second one landed me in labor and delivery three weeks early, with high blood pressure, and ultimately stretched out like Jesus on a cold sterile table having an emergency c-section! And after all that stress, he still came out looking nothing like me! They will tell you, “don’t compare your kids” but that’s just not realistic. I mean surely if the first one slept 10-12 hours per night, the second would follow suit. LIES!! Eighteen months in and he was just starting to sleep through the night.

Although most days it seems like we are on auto-pilot and can’t seem to figure out how we packed so many tasks into one day, the reward at the end is still ever so sweet.

The best things about being are mom are not things at all, but priceless moments and feelings such as:

  • Unconditional Love – No matter what kind of day I had or how loud my stern tone was when they got caught doing something wrong, my babies love me anyway. Regardless of what the world throws at me, I know I can come home and feel pure, innocent, genuine love. It’s unmatched.

  • Patience and Understanding – My 7-year-old has been the ultimate therapist in my life. If he is not his mother’s child, I don’t know who is!! In my younger days (last week), I could go from 0 to 100 real quick. He has shown me that sometimes, we create a battle within ourselves by jumping to conclusions, when we should just take a second to understand what is going on. Most importantly, remember that kids are still growing and some level of patience must be granted in watching and waiting for them to grow.

  • The Ultimate Give-Back – These little lives are depending on us to thrive, to be their best, to help them become the best them they can be! This is our time to shine as role models, by helping them learn from our mistakes and preventing them from continuing bad cycles. Now more than ever, I am looking for ways to invest in my/our future so that I can teach my kids how to do the same.

  • Ability to See Myself Evolve – Selfless lessons were learned by late night trips to the doctor, sucking snot through a straw so that the baby could breathe better, or watching them eat all the meat from my plate as my stomach touched my back in hunger. I’d much rather see them smile rather than worry about what I could be doing alone.

  • Motivation – Many days I don’t want to get up or go to work. Then, one of those kids looks up at me with an innocent smile or gives me the biggest hug I never even knew I needed. They are the drivers in motivating me to have a great day, do my best, and set the tone to leave an awesome legacy behind.

  • Ability to Share Dreams and Create Memories – I didn’t travel much as a child, so now I like the option of taking my kids with me on trips, showing them different places, and teaching them that the world has so much to offer outside of where they live. One day, memories will be all we have to cherish. Gotta make it good!

  • Increased appreciation for my mom, family, teachers, and friends who helped mold me into a decent citizen. If the 2020 Shutdown taught me nothing else, it taught me that it truly takes a village to raise these kids and we take so many people for granted. Now, it resonates deep within my soul whenever I hear Tupac say, “There’s no way I could pay ya back, but the plan is to show ya that I understand – you are appreciated!”

  • Ability to Realize Just How Awesome God Is – I think it is absolutely amazing that a human being can literally live inside me, with a beating heart, feeding from the nourishment I provide. On top of that, the fact that we can feed said baby exclusively with our bodies, is breathtaking! I am so grateful that God saw fit to place me in a position to be a mother and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s not perfect, but child it’s worth it!

To every mother, mother-figure, pet-mom, stepmom, bonus mom, Godmom, and even all the men who are blessed to be here by way of a mom, may you all have the most amazing Mother’s Day!!

🦋 Be Bold. Be Fly. And by all means, Be YOU! 🦋


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