You Can’t Steal My Thunder!

Whenever there’s a storm coming, you know how we sometimes see the lightning but disregard it if rain doesn’t immediately follow? But as soon as that thunder rolls, shaking your house, making you stop dead in your tracks, then you know it’s real?! It’s the feeling of the thunder that makes it reality. Well, now think of that same storm as the people in your life.

Sometimes we are given the signs – we see the lightning in the distance. But we disregard it.  How often does someone show us their true colors and we laugh it off, or blame it on the alcohol, but the lightning continues to strike?! Over and over and over again…..

Then we grow up and can’t figure out why we struggle with relationships and communication. I have a theory…it started at home and it turned into either learned or tolerated behavior. Our very first storm in life most likely occurred when we were children, at home, or at the home of a relative.  Something hit like thunder and we can still feel the effects of it today.  But we never addressed it or released it, and here we are drowning in the after effects. So I wanted to offer just a few tips for potentially liberating yourself from the chaos of a storm: 

  1. Clean Up After the Storm 🧼

    Get some type of therapy! Say it with ya chest!! Trust me you are not the only one walking into that office looking for help for a storm still brewing in you that you didn’t even start. Your “friends” are not professionals and half of them can’t wait to repeat everything you just told them in privacy to someone you would never. An unbiased opinion, non-judgmental listening ear may be just the thing you need to help you break a cycle.  But it could also be as simple as meditation, yoga, or enhancing your spiritual connections. Whatever works for you is great but the same old routine probably won’t cut it. The point is to acknowledge the problem and actively work on a solution.  It’s never too late to start fresh. 

  2. Watch the Forecast! ☔️
    Stop allowing people to rain on you! Whether it’s jealousy, bringing up past events that they said they let go, discouraging you from pursuing your dreams, or anything that will steal your joy for even a moment! Beware of the storm chasers who are just out here creating or looking for storms wherever they go. You thought you would be different and they would just continue to tell you about all their other storms?? Oh honey, they’re coming for your house next! Grab your umbrella, boot up, and be prepared to step right over those puddles!! Protect your peace!

  3. Appreciate the Sunshine! ☀️

    Now once the storm has passed, the sun has come out, and each day seems to be better than the last, we tend to forget just how bad the storm was.  Use that storm as a comparison to the peace that came after. Focus your energy on the things and people who bring you joy and don’t forget to show them your appreciation from time to time. Let’s give our loved ones their flowers while they can still smell them!

    – Someone helped you? Thank them.
    – Someone took a burden off your shoulders? Pay it forward.
    – Someone made you feel loved? I double dog dare you to reciprocate the gesture.

    Sometimes just a little sun can turn a frown upside down and make a world of difference. Try it. 

🦋 Be bold. Be fly. And by all means, be YOU! 🦋


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