National Savings Day

Not to sound like a broken record but errrrruhhhh it’s time to get saving! October 12, 2021 has been named National Savings Day! So, go ahead and set some goals not just for you, but for your children and your travel needs (yes relaxation and time away is a much needed aspect of a healthy life).

Many people grew up in families that never talked about money. You know, that was grown folk’s business. Needless to say, they probably never discussed how to properly manage money or even the basic concepts of how to save or grow it.

This is why I want to stress that healthy money management starts at home. I also want to stress that there is always room for growth and improvement. You don’t have to be an expert to begin making healthy financial choices for you and your family, but you do have to start. Shoot your shot if you want to win!

Think about this. What’s your favorite snack or drink you have to have everyday? That could be a huge saver! One cup of Starbucks after you add all that syrup and drizzle = $5. Let’s just say you do that 3 times a week, that’s $15. With 52 weeks in the year, that’s $780. Now imagine if you not only saved that $780, but invested it in a stock or mutual fund that earned a 6% return. Now your money is making money for you in your sleep. Go play with this investment calculator:


If you really want to get serious about saving:

(1) Send money directly from your paycheck into a savings account and do not touch it!!! You won’t even miss it. Trust me and just do it. And the next time your kid asks for something, tell them how much the light, water, greens, beans, tomatoes, etc. bills were for the month and encourage them to save as well. Start early so it becomes a habit and not a chore.

(2) Cancel the subscriptions. So you got rid of cable but picked up 5,011 subscriptions? Figure out which ones you can let go and if you can’t, find a loving friend or family member who will share an account with you.

(3) Start Small! Don’t get overwhelmed trying to save $500 per month when realistically you can only afford to put aside $50. Everybody’s starting balance will look different and that’s ok.

(4) Set goals continuously. Write down your savings goals and keep track of your progress. This way, you can also see where your money is going when you pull from your savings. Did an emergency come up? Did you have enough to cover it? If not, that should be the very next goal. Once you reach your target savings goal, celebrate it, and set another one. It can be for a specific purpose or just merely to challenge yourself.

(5) Reward Yourself. Nobody likes all work and no play. Don’t forget to incorporate a reward for yourself when you reach that goal. A wise woman I know would tell you, “Don’t get too much dip on your chip” but honey if you budget and save for it, what you get is up to you! Now go get saving!

Visit the Shop page to grab a copy of Don’t Count Me Out: Earning & Saving Money to pass these habits on to the next generation.

Be Bold. Be Fly. But always – Be YOU! 🦋


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