About Me

Hey there!! I’m Emily, nice to meet ya! I’m an Arkansas native, born and raised. In a textbook is where I spent most of my days! And well, the rest were spent at parties of some sort or working at the grocery/drug store. As an only child, I turned to journaling and writing poetry as an outlet for my emotions.

I attended college at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, where I met my awesome husband. During a random career fair, I was offered a job which would require me to move to Texas. And voila! That is where the story began!

In 2009, my then boyfriend and I packed up and hit the highway to Texas and never looked back! By 2011, I was his wife! By 2013, I was a mother! By 2018, I was a mom of 2 and an official boy mom!

I founded Bold Butterfly in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During a time when things seemed unstable, uncomfortable, and unpredictable, I found myself needing an outlet to not only keep myself busy, but to also have something to look forward to! And then it hit me! All my life I’ve had a slight obsession with butterflies. Why?

Well, just consider that it didn’t start out as a butterfly. It was once a not-so-beautiful caterpillar that grew and evolved into this beautiful, fly creature. Well y’all, I think I’m much like a butterfly. I started out rocky, making bad decisions, surrounded by the wrong people. But then I made some good choices and began to change for the better – shoot I’m still changing! So I hope that you will continue this journey with your girl as I share – from my view – the life and times of being a black woman, a mother, a wife, and a friend. I want to give you hope for that beautiful thing waiting on you, after the storm passes. It may look like nothing is going on, but there may be major changes happening inside. Hang tight in your silky cocoon, and allow me to encourage and inspire you to be bold, be fly, and by all means – be YOU! 🦋

Feel free to contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or at boldbutterflyllc@gmail.com for any questions or feedback!