Motherhood – It Gives You Wings 🕊

One of the hardest things about being a mother is remembering all the Sugar Honey Iced Tea you gave your mother, for essentially no apparent reason at all, and hoping your kids are “not quite” like you were as a child. That is a hard and nasty pill to swallow, but keep reading, there’s a chaser. Take a minute and think about the times you’ve had to make multiple purchases for things your kids needed, right before realizing you didn’t buy yourself a single thing – so you grab a pack of gum to make yourself feel better. As soon as your butt hits the seat of the car, you think – is this what my mother had to go through? And then you answer your own question: No, it was 10 times worse. She worked multiple jobs at times to ensure you had everything you needed and most of what you wanted, without ever talking about the sacrifices she was making to herself, to her life, to her well-being. All the while, you were ungrateful, and wanted more of what she didn’t have to give. She held your hand and cried with you as you explained how someone she never wanted you to hang around, broke your heart or let you down. She lost countless nights of rest and relaxation, waiting up to make sure you made it home safely. At some point, I am sure that in my mother’s eyes, I grew horns and breathed fire! The interesting thing is, as I get older, I find myself using the same phrases as my mother, making things she said 20 years ago finally make sense!

“Because you think fat meat ain’t greasy!”